Thursday, 21 April 2016

9 bohemian bedrooms to inspire you

A bedroom can be more than just the place you go to sleep at night. It can be your haven, the place you to go to escape and be at peace with yourself and simply chill. These 9 bedrooms are inspired by a bohemian vibe that makes me wanna scoot my booty to the store and redecorate! I can just imagine being so happy and at peace in one of these bedrooms. From hanging plants and colour bedspreads to white lace curtains and wooden shelving, there will be something for in each to create your own bohemian paradise.


Monday, 18 April 2016

It's so pretty and bright


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Dear diary: Sunday funday

I have a love-hate relationship with Sunday's. On the one hand, I love that I can get up whenever I want, laze around before having a shower and getting ready and watch as much TV as a like. On the other hand, as the evening draws in, I get a bit of the 'Sunday night blues' releasing its Monday tomorrow and the weekend is over and on top of that I get bored.


Friday, 15 April 2016

19 things every girl should know

Life isn't always easy... There's the self-doubt, the low confidence, the breakups, having to hit the gym every day so you don't get 'fat'. Here's some things you need to know, and live a happy life:




Dear Diary: Shopping with us

Me and Chris decided we'd pop to Dunelm to have a bit of a shop around for things for our new place. We had such a great time and found lots of little bits that would go perfectly in our home. We find it so exciting shopping for new home things! Creating our own little paradise.


Thursday, 14 April 2016

It's OK, you don't really need a career

I can honestly say, since a young age, I wanted to grow up and have a successful career and that was really all I cared about. I would go to school, try my hardest and come home and revise. This was even in Primary School. I'd come home, do my homework and then do my times tables with my dad or spelling with my mum.


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wedding Guest Ideas

*Wedding Bells!* Get all excited and look like I have a coat hanger in mouth. Then... the realization hits home that I'm going to have to find a pretty dress suitable for a wedding.. In the Summer! *Pretty dress phobia sweats*


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dear Diary: It's Barney!


10 things to know before moving in together

Me and Chris (my boyfriend) kind of started things off pretty suddenly. We met in July, went official in August and well basically spend every second of the day together from there. I was spending most evenings after work at his house or him at mine, and we stayed together most nights. I suppose from that day we met, something clicked. It just felt right. Like he was the missing piece of my story and everything in my life fitted in together. OK, I may not have career stability, and neither has he, but we have our dreams and goals, which we shared with each other straight away. And we have spend the last eight months focusing on helping each other reach them (not yet reached however).


Monday, 11 April 2016

The ultimate spring ASOS wish list

I can't lie to you, I was super excited when the ASOS Spring Collection came in that I may have jumped up and down a little bit... Not only does this mean better weather (hopefully ay?), but it gives me an excuse to go on a mega ASOS haul - YAY.

There are so many different items of clothing on my wish list! My fave are the maxi/midi skirts. I love me a maxi skirt. It's just flows as you walk and you feel like yes, I'm a hippie, I'm free spirited, I like to walk in a field bare foot making daisy chains. But the colour of this particular skirt (11) is gorgeous! Bright and beautiful. And red(!)...

I've always been a bit scared to wear red - it is such a bold colour, but golly this skirt is so beautiful and with it's tie-dye print, I think anyone could pull this off! Imagine wearing this walking through the park with a coffee in one hand, sunglasses on head and a pretty off the shoulder number on top. Yes yes yes.

Along with the fact Spring has sprung, this means Holiday Season is coming! More importantly, bikini season! (I hear you all gasp and start running to the gym!) I LOVE Asos bikni's. They cater for all shapes and sizes; whether you want to cover up or bare all (not quite all).

Each year, several go in my basket from pretty floral pieces, to bright orange to the classic black bikini. Now number 6 isn't your classic black bikini. It includes the very 'now' sport fishnet style. Gimme gimme. You'll have everyone looking at you on the beach in this number, for the right reason!

Cute headpieces, chilled jumpsuits, sunnnies, skirt dresses, picnic dress, trainers, mules! What more could a girl ask for? ASOS I love you.

Let me know what's on your ASOS wish list :)

See you soon.



Sunday, 10 April 2016

Dear diary: F is for Fashion


"Passion for fashion" may sound a bit cliche, but oh how true it is.


Interview Wear


Weight loss = Happiness

We all say, “once I have lost weight I will be happy” but is that necessarily true?

Thousands of people buy into this weight-loss game, spending huge amounts of money of diet pills, diet plans, exercise DVDs, gym subscriptions etc. Television programmes such as The Biggest Loser and My Big Fat Diet Show are watched by millions and everyone loves a story of dramatic weight loss journey. Oh and the media loves it! But really is it all worth it?



With all this in the media about the co-pilot committing suicide flying the Germanwings plane, while sending 150 people to their death, it has sparked me to write this post. 

So it has been reported that he was suffering with on-going mental health issues and had actually been signed off of work by his doctor – i’m guessing due to suicidal tendencies and the fact of his job! Yet still he is a “selfish” and “evil”. Yes I completely understand this, he has killed over a hundred people while committing this act but it is some of the things people are saying and I have heard in the past which has inspired this post. 

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