Tuesday, 12 April 2016

10 things to know before moving in together

Me and Chris (my boyfriend) kind of started things off pretty suddenly. We met in July, went official in August and well basically spend every second of the day together from there. I was spending most evenings after work at his house or him at mine, and we stayed together most nights. I suppose from that day we met, something clicked. It just felt right. Like he was the missing piece of my story and everything in my life fitted in together. OK, I may not have career stability, and neither has he, but we have our dreams and goals, which we shared with each other straight away. And we have spend the last eight months focusing on helping each other reach them (not yet reached however).

Everyone around us were like woah, that's a bit sudden. And we totally understood their views, but for us, we knew what felt right. And hell yeah, it has worked, with it's ups and downs.

This post is to give you a bit of an idea what it's like to move in with your partner, whether you have bought your own place, living with family members or thinking of moving in together. It's a tricky situation, and hella scary!

1st thing you need to know - You are going to argue about cleanliness, chores etc. That's a fact. Unless you're super lucky and both of you are clean freaks. Chris is a bit of a clean freak - he gets all worked up (in a cute way), when the place is messy, the dishes haven't been done, we have no clothes because no washing has been done. I'm a bit more laid back. Don't get me a wrong, I love a clean house, but I'm like, "yeah i'll do that in the morning." So yeah, we disagreed.

2nd thing -  MONEY. Oh money, money, money. Who says it makes the world go round? Oh it does. As we are both really starting off in our careers, we have had some money issues... and arguments. But that's just life. You need to sort out who's paying for what and when. Are you going to take it in turns? But you have to just make sure, everything is paid for. And well, you can eat and keep that roof over your head.

3rd thing - He's probably been hiding some weird habits from  you, but here they cannot be hidden. Like he spends an hour a day on the toilet playing games on his phone? Sending you selfies on the toilet? Yeah, that's Chris. But while they annoy you like mad, you'll learn to love them because that's just him.

4th thing -  There will be limited wardrobe - unless your lucky and have a load of wardrobe space.
I can't lie this was one of the hardest things about moving in with Chris. I have so many clothes! Where am I going to put them all?! I downgraded from a huge fitted wardrobe all to my self, to half of one. But if you have a kind-hearted and caring boyfriend, he'll help you out and sacrifice his own clothes for yours (except for his bleeding suits, which CANNOT become creased.)

5th thing - Bobby pins. Bobby pins everywhere. This was an input from Chris - "your bleeding bobby pins are everywhere, then you moan you cannot find them ugh!" I'm sure you girls are with me that it's NOT our fault! They are easy to lose and misplace right?

6th thing - You'll probably end up talking to him like your his mother. "Pick up your socks, put the toilet seat down!" Don't do that guys.

7th thing - Having to sacrifice your design ideas for the home, to compromise with their ideas. OK, at first this was easy. I bought all my posters, picture frames, canvas and my huge collection of weird and wonderful ornaments from buddhas and elephants to a mini pink beetle. However, after a while, the house felt like mine more than Chris', so we compromised and bought stuff together, of our own.

8th thing -  Sitting together eating junk food, watching TV and on your iPhone does not count as 'together time'. This may have acted as quality time before you were living but when you are doing this every day, it is not quality time. Take time once a week to have a date night. Even if it is just watching a film together. Just focus on that film and each other.

9th thing - Decide who's cooking, when. This is something me and Chris struggle with. Sometimes, I'll decide what i'm making, or Chris will make something for dinner. But it's always last minute! Most of our arguments are about 'glorious' food. We argue because we don't know what we want, he won't decide, I won't decide. AAAHH! Then we end up going to McDonald's. Have a schedule of who is cooking what and when. And on the weekend, relax a little, go out for dinner, have a takeaway if you wish.

10th thing- (Little personal) but don't forget to have sex. It's very easy to fall into a routine, where you come home exhausted, throw on your sweatpants and sleep. Have some quality time 'together'.

Let me know your experiences of moving in with your partner below. CIAO.

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