Friday, 15 April 2016

19 things every girl should know

Life isn't always easy... There's the self-doubt, the low confidence, the breakups, having to hit the gym every day so you don't get 'fat'. Here's some things you need to know, and live a happy life:

1. Shit happens
Period. Sometimes things happen that we have no control over whatsoever. But there is nothing we can do and crazy worrying about, having anxiety attacks, won't stop it from happening. Harsh but true. You had a date scheduled with a guy. He texts to say he can't come because he has to work late. He doesn't hate you. He doesn't think your ugly. He may genuinely have to work late. Instead of dwelling on it, send him a nice message and follow it up the following day asking if he'd like to re-arrange. If you get no response, ditch him and move onto better things. He's not the one. 

2. How to eat alone in a restaurant 
OK, I can see how this one is hard for some women. I am the same! Even if i'm out with a friend and they nip to the ladies, I instantly whip out my phone and mindlessly scroll through Facebook while continuously checking if she's back yet. When you see her coming back you feel at ease. This isn't right! Why are we scared of eating alone? One day you might have no dinner at home, your friends are all busy and your man has gone on a work trip. There you are. No dinner at home, but oh you love that cute restaurant round the corner that your partner hates going to. Go for it. Bring a book, check your emails if you need to. You'll feel SO empowered.

3. What your actual bra size is
C'mon ladies! Go to your local lingerie store get them fitted! Wearing the wrong bra size is not only uncomfortable for your ladies, but it can damage breast tissue. GO, GO.

4. When to go to dentist or doctors. Damn you. 
Your mum isn't going to ring them up and book you an appointment anymore (I'm an exception, my mum works in a dentist. Sorry not sorry). Stop putting it off and call them.

5. How to go on holiday on your own
All your pals have holidays booked with their family or partners, there you are with no one to go with. Don't miss out on sunning yourself and staring at hot babes through your sunglasses on a hot beach. Go it alone. You can eat where you want, do what you want.

6. When to stop waiting for him to call you back
He said he'd call you back but hasn't. Remember that, it's 'me not you' thing, yeah it's that from his point of view. It's OK, forget him.

7. It's OK to go out in public with no make up on 
What's the worst that can happen? You'll see the guy you have the hots for? Guys like natural beauty, be yourself.

8. That having just one close friend is better than having 10 friends who really don't 'get' you
As a teenager, you'll wish for 1000 friends on Facebook, a big group of friends, to finally realise in your twenties, just one of them 'get' you and know you for you.

9. How to stand up to someone who is harassing you
Stand up for yourself and help others who may be vulnerable. Us girls stick together!

10. How to cook at least a few meals 
OK, maybe you can't cook very well or just don't enjoy it. At least know how to cook your standard meals - pasta, eggs on toast..

11. How to tell the hairdresser how you want your hair cut and styled
And if you don't like how they've cut your hair. I remember once my hairdresser cut my hair different lengths on either side. Did I stand up and tell him, na I just went home and cried. SPEAK OUT.

12. Accept your own mental health
Maybe your a bit vulnerable going into crowded areas, you worry about everything. Everyone deals with things differently, so be kind to yourself. If you are struggling, don't be afraid to speak out and see your GP or a therapist. We all have beautiful minds, look after it.

13. Enjoy some 'me' time
Get in that bubble bath, read a book, paint your nails. Have some ME time.

14. How to ask a guy out on a date.
In my younger years, I'd be scared to ask a guy out - "what if he turns me down? What if he laughs at me? What have you got to lose?" A bit of pride, WHO CARES. Live life to the full. Ask him to go for a drink.

15. The importance of getting yourself a NICE coat
No, not a £25 from Primary - a real nice, pricey one that will last longer. OK yeah I still have a £20 Primark one and I love it, but it only lasts a season. I also bought myself a real practical, beautiful, pricey one from M&S. Love it.

16. How to respect and love your body
All our body's are beautiful in different ways. Love it.

17. Stop apologising for being yourself! 
Damn it, you don't need to apologise for being you. You're fab.

18. AND stop caring what people think 
I remember in school when I was a little underweight. I could see girls sniggering, whispering and pointing at me. Initially, I felt so small and hurt. Then I stood there, and thought who cares. They don't know what's going on inside me. They don't know me. So who gives a ****.

19. FINALLY, don't be so frigging hard on yourself 
You're fab.



  1. I love this, especially the haircut (lolz) and the eating alone - why is it so hard?! Great work :) I'd love to hear what you think of my blog too - - and help me make it better!
    Love, Rebecca x

  2. Thank you so much! I know, it shouldn't be so difficult but is! Thank you. I'll go check out your blog now. Thank you for the support xx


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