Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wedding Guest Ideas

*Wedding Bells!* Get all excited and look like I have a coat hanger in mouth. Then... the realization hits home that I'm going to have to find a pretty dress suitable for a wedding.. In the Summer! *Pretty dress phobia sweats*

OK, so I may be overreacting but me and pretty dresses, just do NOT go well together. I can't stand them. They can't stand me. I have been scrolling the Internet for weeks now. And nothing.

I'll be honest. I had a wedding in March of one of my mum's close friends. I panicked for weeks and then the weekend before, I took a quick trip to Bluewater went into one shop (Miss Selfridge), found a long black, lace dress which looked gorgeous, bought it and went home. Found a pair of shoes and a bag, added a few accessories. Job done. Now I did look fabulous (sh not vain), however, it wasn't really as special as I would like for a wedding guest dress.

Now, while it was OK for my mum's friends' wedding. This wedding is my boyfriends' (Chris) sister's wedding! OH MA GAD. This means, super duper important and me, super duper anxious.

Stay calm Ayse... It's gonna be OK. The fashion world has saved me! ASOS have brought out a new Wedding outfit piece on their site, there are many wedding guest pieces in shops right now! Praise the lord to Katie (Chris' Sister) for having a popular date for her wedding!

Here are my top wedding guest picks:


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