Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Each person we meet in life  can teach us different, valuable things. As many people say, they are grateful for their exes or ex best friends for teaching them about relationships. But my boyfriend is truly unique. Nobody is perfect, but somebody are perfect to you. You compliment each other. To me, he has taught me so much in our time together. Not only about relationships, but actually about myself. So much, that I could never truly thank him enough. 

1. Love yourself 

When you're in a relationship, all lovey-dovey with your partner and falling madly and deeper in love each and every day because they are oh so perfect and wonderful, don't forget you are awesome too. You should never forget to love yourself. A hella lot of people say, before you get into a relationship you've got to love yourself first. I do believe is important, and do recommend finding yourself before you get into a relationship. But we all know, when you fall in love and you find the one you picture having a life together with, you can't be like na see ya later I gotta love myself first, wait for me yeah? It doesn't work like that. Chris (my boyfriend), helped me fall in love with myself and actually believe, I am awesome. Yeah, I still struggle most days with how I look, hating myself, seeing all the faults in me (and hey Chris helps with that too when we argue), but the fact is he supports me and he shows me love I never thought I could feel. 

Loving yourself doesn't mean being selfie, it means to remember to follow YOUR dreams too, and be truly happy. 

2. Jealousy is stupid 

I'm not talking about, hey why's he talking to that chick? Who is she? We all get that kinda jealously and that's normal when you're in love (but don't act on it and go super crazy on him). But jealousy of what every else has - comparing yourself to others. From a young age, I was jealous of everyone! A girl had school had a new barbie, I didn't have it. I had to have it. I got it. I didn't play with it. As I got to secondary school and my friend had the latest phone that came out, I had to have it for my birthday. And when her birthday came and she got a new phone that was better than mine, I'd be jealous for months until it was my birthday. No one ever told me that I was such a jealous person and to stop comparing myself to others. But Chris did.

He taught me that no matter what anyone else has, it doesn't matter. He taught me to be grateful with what I have. So what if I don't have the clothes they are wearing, the make-up skills she has. We each have different skills and qualities and that's what makes us all different. It's better to be unique than be like everyone else. 

3. Keep the peace

When I was younger and I had an argument with one of my friends or brother, I rarely forgot about it for quite a while... I would throw a strop and not talk to them for ages. I kinda learnt this from my dad. We are very stubborn. But it's stupid. Chris taught that being stubborn is pointless and it's better to keep the peace and move on. After all, we all get a bit heated sometimes and need to let our emotions out, which sometimes come out in anger. But that's okay, you just need to listen and understand each other and talk it through. And hell, does Chris like to 'talk it through'..... 

4. Believe in your own decisions 

This one still annoys me to this day. I want everyone to make decisions for me and tell me the right thing to do because I always worry it'l be the wrong one and make someone upset.

Every time I face a problem, I ask my boyfriend to help. He never says what I want to hear. He explains his opinion on both sides of my decision and let's me make an informative decision. When all I want him to say is yeah do this. He taught me how important it is to make your own decisions, even though sometimes we have to make decisions together, it is important to make independent decisions too. 

5. Don't let the past dictate your future 

This ones really important. A lot of things have happened in my life, that well, aren't too fab. Instead of dwelling on the past, like I used to before I met Chris, he has taught me that what's in the past is in the past. Just because you failed at something doesn't mean you'll never be successful, that I'll never be able to succeed in it again. 

He is a fab boyfriend isn't he. We've taught each other so much in our time together, and we continue to grow and learn each and every day. 

What has your partner or exes taught you? 

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