Thursday, 19 May 2016

All about Mary-Kate and Ashley

I don't know if you're the same as me, but since a little kiddie I have been obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Every book they wrote (e.g. Two of Kind books, Influence etc.), I bought. Every DVD, even New York Minute, which apparently was a huge fail - I loved it.

Even though they aren't in the spotlight pretty much since 2004, I am still obsessed. Only the other night, I sat up until 12 am, searching related news to them. And I had bundles of fun and a bit of nostalgia. I may have sat almost in tears over the fact, I cannot afford any of their designer lables, like The Row, and secretly am annoyed they don't bring out an affordable brand, I still adore them. 

So, what have they been doing since 2004? Why the hella did they disappear? Obvs, I'm not besties with them, I don't know. But I'm just gonna have ya my suspicions. You know, Mary-Kate struggled for a few years with an eating disorder and then they turned incredible Fashion Designers, winning awards and have now finally find a store in Manhattan to present their items from The Row. I guess, being in the public eye since they were basically born is hard and took it toll on them. They are still mega successful (and loaded) but not in the spotlight. I say good on them! 

Anyway, here are a few facts for MK and Ashley super fans

1. They look similar but they’re actually fraternal twins, not identical twins SAY WHAT? Mary-Kate is also an inch shorter than Ashley, who is 5’ 3”.

2. Their net worth is estimated at $300 million.

3. Mary-Kate married to French banker Oliver Sarkozy in 2015 - who is 17 years older. And at their wedding, the couple reportedly asked all attendees to hand in their mobile phones before entering the wedding venue, where party decor consisted of bowls and bowls of cigarettes!

4. Their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, is also an actress and accepts that she will always be compared to Mary-Kate and Ashley.

5. They have Norwegian blood.

6. Besides "Full House," they’re known for the video series, "The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley," which ran from 1994 to 1997, the TV series, "Two of a Kind" and the film "It Takes Two." Their final film together was "New York Minute"; after that, Ashley quit acting, while Mary-Kate made a few more appearances before she, too, announced her retirement from acting.

7. At the young age of six, they founded Dualstar Entertainment, which sold books, dolls, clothes and other consumer goods, making them millions by the age of 10. They then took over the company at the age of 18.

8. Mary-Kate suffered for a few years with an eating disorder, before checking herself into Rehab.

9. Mary-Kate is rumoured to have dated Heath Ledger before he died and struggled massively with the loss of him.

10. Fashion has been the twins' most recent calling - and a very successful one at that. In 2006, they quietly launched The Row, a luxury line of clothing, handbags and other accessories. Which they said it took them "two years to even design the first t-shirt". They also launched Elizabeth and James in 2007, a contemporary collection inspired by many of their unique finds and pieces in their personal wardrobe. As well as the Row and Elizabeth and James, they released the clothing line, Olsenboye and a T-shirt line called StyleMint.

11. In June 2015, the twins took home the Designer of the Year aware for the Row's women's wear at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

12. They are perfectionists. "It's just the way we are, the way we were raised. Our work ethic was everything, and that never left us". - Mary-Kate in 2013. 

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