Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Not your usual 12 week scan

We are all aware I overthink. I get anxious over almost everything and anything. But the day I reached the 12 week milestone. I was filled with more anxiety than ever. Surely, I should be excited. But all I could think is, "why haven't I received my dating scan appointment yet?"

Thursday, 22 September 2016

We're having a BABY!


Thursday, 8 September 2016

Are you Netflix and chillin' too much?

Are you and your partner quiet unsociable? Pretty happy being in each others company watching Netflix and chilling... Usually eating pizza or some kind of junk food. Me and Chris are a bit like that on our days off. We have the odd day we'll be sociable, hang out with friends, see family. But most days, we don't.

We both kinda like our 'time alone', I hate to say that we're loners, but sometimes we kinda are. But we like to be loners together. Sit in front of the telly, with laptop or phone in one hand and pizza in the other. It has become our favourite kinda day. We are trying to get out of this habit however! And get out a bit more and enjoy the world for what it is. But we will never lose our lazy days.

Not every couple go out on dates every weekend and get up to lots. 'We ain't a power couple, and we are proud.' I mean c'mon, how cozy is sitting in your PJs all day? If you and your boo find yourself Netflix and chilling a bit too much, you'll totally relate.

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