Thursday, 8 September 2016

Are you Netflix and chillin' too much?

Are you and your partner quiet unsociable? Pretty happy being in each others company watching Netflix and chilling... Usually eating pizza or some kind of junk food. Me and Chris are a bit like that on our days off. We have the odd day we'll be sociable, hang out with friends, see family. But most days, we don't.

We both kinda like our 'time alone', I hate to say that we're loners, but sometimes we kinda are. But we like to be loners together. Sit in front of the telly, with laptop or phone in one hand and pizza in the other. It has become our favourite kinda day. We are trying to get out of this habit however! And get out a bit more and enjoy the world for what it is. But we will never lose our lazy days.

Not every couple go out on dates every weekend and get up to lots. 'We ain't a power couple, and we are proud.' I mean c'mon, how cozy is sitting in your PJs all day? If you and your boo find yourself Netflix and chilling a bit too much, you'll totally relate.

1. The phrase 'we're saving money' is used a little too much

Like, why spend hundreds on going out every weekend, getting dolled up, making plans... ugh. Chilling at home is free and just as enjoyable. Plus, you don't need to shower (did I take it too far?)

2. The local grocery store and fast food outlets know your face

This one is a little too real. Everyone knows us in our local grocery and smile and say hi every time! We are in there like every day. And fast food outlet, ah. Late night munchies will watching a film? Yeah we'll head to MaccyD's. Like it's only 5 minutes round the corner. And yeah we drive, not walk. Don't judge.

3. You kinda like it when the other person is sick and can't make the plans you made

"Ah that's cool, want me to get some food and watch TV and look after ya? Sure! Be there in 10." OK, so we shouldn't like it when our significant other is sick, but it's an excuse for a lazy day so it's ok.

4. You don't understand all those 'relationship memes' on Facebook

Checking through his phone? For what? What's a text? Oh yeah, that thing Dolmino's sends us when they have a deal. Yeah, we both get the same text so no need.

5. If you go out, it's usually to someone else's place to you know, chill

We'll be sitting in the corner eating all the pizza

6. When one of you makes plans without the other, you just do nothing

Your partner is going out with their pals tonight - that's fine, I'll just catch up on Catfish.

On a serious note, this is a bad habit we have gotten into and honestly do need to save money, so it works for us at the moment. And of course, we work hard day-to-day at work, so why the hell not be lazy on days off?! HELL YEAH to laziness. I better get up the gym soon though. Too. much. pizza.

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