Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Khaki jumper of dreams

I'll be on honest, me and New Look don't tend to get on that well. (Excuse me while I be snobby), but I find a lot of their stuff a bit cheapy - too poor quality to justify not having a 'Primark  price tag'. However, since falling pregnant, I'm trying to tune the snob in me down and instead of going to higher end high street stores, I've been looking elsewhere.

And how bloody fantastic was this first trip. I found this absolute babe of a jumper.

The colour is perfect for Autumn and one of my favourite colours to wear right now. It just reminds me of Autumn/Winter and Christmas time (which is 66 days away - just saying). Every year, my wardrobe is filled with a few khaki/green pieces, usually a coat, jumper or skirt.

I am usually really fussy about jumpers because I never find they are cut right and they just hang on me, which isn't a great look. So many people can pull of that look, but I don't (or didn't) have much of a figure to make it really pop, so I just look like a 12-year old boy usually. But this is just gorgeous. It is cut down the side and hangs a little longer at the back - which is really flattering.

Also, IT'S SO SOFT. Like really. I just stood in the shop going on about how soft it was. It just makes that extra bit cosy and comfortable. Plus, it looks hot. Instead of that cotton-y material jumpers - which are still lovely, but just not as comforting and cosy.

Did I say, that it's soft? Yes I know I did, but it's so soft that I'd be expecting to pay £50 in Urban Outfitters for it, but no. New Look have it for a snazzy £20. Yes, £20!! Babes, go get 5 of them. In different colours. So worth it. (Maybe not 5, but definitely worth buying two - I bought one in a stone colour also).

Outfit potential
I've been wearing this jumper for a few weeks now and have found I can wear it with absolutely every outfit. You can dress it it up with knee-length boots for a trip to the city, style it with a pencil skirt for work, dress it down with some trainers and denim jeans for a classic Autumnal walk. It's so versatile.

Another thing I'd like to add is just how comfortable it really is. I'm usually not a fan of roll necks, because they are tight on my neck and make me feel like I'm suffocating, and I mean how much effort are they to get over your head?! The good thing about this jumper is that it's a cowl neck, so it keeps you warm all the way up your neck PLUS it's so easy to get over your head AND you don't suffocate all day. Total winner. 

I promise to visit you more often New Look. You're a babe.

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