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My ultimate happy playlist

As you may have read in my 9 things for down days post, music is very important to me. As a coping technique, as well as a shared interest with my loved ones. In this day and age, music is part of everyone's daily lives, it's on the radio, the TV, our phones, computers, at work... You can't get away from it.

However I'm feeling, the right kind of music can really cheer me up and get me going! A few weeks ago, me and Chris came in from a busy day out, but we'd also booked to go for dinner in the evening. We really weren't in the mood and just wanted to stay in, sit in our PJs (Chris doesn't actually own PJs, apart from these pug Christmas ones I bought him last year, that I've now nicked), get a takeaway and watch movies. Sounds perfect right? Thing is, we've been doing that too often, hence why we booked a table in a restaurant.

Instead of giving into our inner sloth, we put the music channel and started to get ready! Instantly, we were in the mood to have a lovely evening out (and have a little boogie!)

But this is what I mean. Whether, you're feeling lazy, have had a long day and are exhausted, feeling a bit sad, feeling lonely... Any emotion (well, most), music always makes you feel that bit better!

It, of course, does depend on the music... Some songs we hold sad emotions with and they can do the opposite affect. So here, I have selected 30 songs which make me happy.  They may seem a bit random, so I've explained why some of them are important to me.

1. "Best Day of my Life," American Authors

2. "She's so Lovely", Scouting for Girls

3. "I'm a Slave 4 U", Britney Spears (or any Britney song for me really)

4. "5 Years Time", Noah and the Whale (I LOVE this song, especially because of the message and it's by Noah and the Whale and I love the name Noah)

5. "Fascination", Alphabet (This is a real 'dance around the house like no ones watching' song)

6. "One More Time", Daft Punch (Same with this one)

7. "Under Ground Kings," Drake (This may seem like an odd one to add to the list but I've loved Drake ever since my brother introduced me to his music when he released "Best I ever had" and well, the rest is history. This is one of my favourite songs of his older hits. It's also Chris' SECOND favourite, so we usually sing - or should I say rap? - it together in the car. His favourite is Crew Love. So like, don't talk to me.)

8. "Stand Up Tall", Dizzee Rascal (This song literally cracks me up every time I listen to it. This is one of the first 'rap' songs my brother ever showed me. I think I was probably 8 at the time? And I just remember him trying to teach me the rap in our conservatory and of course I was terrible! But he told me I was really good and to keep practising. Ah, what a great bro ay?)

9. "White Tiger", Izzy Bizu (This song depends on my mood, but mostly, it makes me smile)

10. "Grace Kelly", Mika (Where has Mika gone?!)

11. "MmmBOP", Hanson (I discovered the other day, this is also on my mum's feel good playlist, which made me SMILE even more)

12. "Hungry like a wolf", Duran Duran (Talking of my mum, this will always be my mum's favourite song - to me. She has a million favourite songs, but this one always sticks with me and cheers me up whenever I listen to it and imagine her singing and dancing like a mad woman!!)

13. "Bangir Bangir", Gulsen (This reminds me of being in Turkey and me and my family singing along to this - even if I wasn't really great at singing in Turkish)

14. "Everything", Michael Buble (This song is a special one. It reminds me of all the times Chris has sung this to me. Most importantly, when he sang it in front of my entire family in Turkey!!! Bless him... Video coming soon ;) Just kidding babe.)

15. "I wish I was a Punk Rocker", Sandi Thom ('Cos don't we all?) 

16. "Everybody", Backstreet Boys (90s vibes) 

17. "Signs", Justin Timblerake (I love Justin Timberlake, in films, old songs, new songs plus he's gorgeous, but this song really makes me laugh. I think I was around 8/9 when this was released and I remember hearing it on the radio with my friend. We were dancing around my kitchen, singing along. And then we released that he swears in it and says "naughty words". So obviously, we thought we were really naughty listening to it.)

18. "Macarena", Los Del Rio (If this song doesn't make you smile, you haven't lived)

19. "Turn Down for What", DJ Snake (May seem like a weird one, but if you saw the video me, Chris and my cousins in Turkey made for my mum, even this would be on your list. FAR too funny. And no, you can't see it...)

20. "Waka Waka", Shakira (Seems to be a running trend with my selection relating to Turkey, but this is another hit me and my cousins sang a few years ago, and it was HILARIOUS. Just try and say Tsamina mina zangalewa, then imagine, you're singing it in front of your family, all of them Turkish with a Turkish accent, you English Yeah. We cracked up big time. #TurkeyKarokeTimes)

21. "Naive", The Kooks (I'm pretty sure this is one of Chris' favourite songs of all time, I'm not sure, but to me it'll always remind me of him. As well as anything by Bring me the Horizon - but it's my list, not his. Anyway, this song - Chris. Sings it. Yeah. Ooooo plus, he can actually kinda sing....... MMmm)

22. "20/20", The Vaccines (Or a Vaccines song. Is this turning into Chris' list?.... No. This is on the list because they are one of MY  favourite bands and they were the first band me and Chris went to see together. Despite a lot of jumping around and him trying to protect me, we were at the front and THEY WERE AWESOME.)

23. "Talking Body", Tove Lo (Oh this song. This song. It makes me laugh. It makes me happy. It makes me wanna dance. Oh and it makes me want to watch the cutest, funniest video I have of Chris ever. Soz guys, I gotta keep it to myself. I seem to have so many funny memories with these songs, all on tape and you can't see them? Maybe I'll make a 'video's that make me happy' video... That's if I ever got the permission from others.)

24. "Burning Up", Jonas Brothers (Absolutely ANY Jonas Brothers song because I was obsessed with them as a kid and I still kinda adore them - just in a less fan-girly, stalkerish way. PS Nick is my fave)

25. "Jealous", Nick Jonas (Nick ditched the brothers and "The Administration" and absolutely smashed his first single. So yeah, I'm sad but it makes me happy. Plus, it's an awesome song. I did feel a bit uneasy hearing him swearing and talking about sex though - in the explicit version. Jonas Brothers were innocent, am I right?)

26. "Touch", Nick Jonas (Another Jonas track, you can see the trend right? But seriously, I recently discovered this song on Nick's album "Last Year was Complicated" and I although I love all of the songs - obviously - this song, just really makes me tap my feet and jig along, even when I'm having a rubbish day.)

27. "Hollaback girl", Gwen Stefani (Man, this song really picks you up doesn't it? As well as teaching you how to spell bananas, because you know, it's a complicated word. However, as with man other songs, this also holds a funny memory for me. I think ONCE AGAIN, I was 8 when this was released - seems like a great year of music, 2004 that is. I loved this song and I downloaded on Limewire - who remembers that?! I was playing it out of my computer and singing along and then my dad overheard what I was listening to and told me to turn it off, because it had bad language in it. I said yes and did as I was told. BUT, because I loved the song so much, I used to listen to it quietly and whenever I heard someone come up the stairs, I'd pause it! Ha ha sorry dad.)

28. "Kill Em With Kindness", Selena Gomez (Purely for the message of the song. Oh and it's got a good happy beat. Kill 'em with kindness.)

29. "Ankara'nin Baglari", Coskun Direk (This is a Turkish song - hence the spelling - that in 2015, while on holiday we were introduced to. I'll set the scene. We had spent the day at the beautiful Bafa Lake - please Google it, it's gorgeous! We had breakfast watching the sunrise, walked around the lake taking in the incredible scenery and then stopping for another picnic for lunch. In the evening we arrived at a quiet beach, with the most spectactular views, had a barbecue and simply celebrated my mum's 50th! We played games, we danced. It was so special. Into the evening, my uncle played this song - which is a real traditional Turkish dance music track. We were all up dancing around the fire. It was so special. Now every year, we play this song and DANCE!)

30. "I just wanna dance the night away", The Mavericks (This song makes happy tears fall down my face. It really sums up my nan. Dancing the night away. I love you nana.)

Did you spot any of your favourites in there? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me.

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