Friday, 18 November 2016

It's a... (Gender Reveal!)

I'm really struggling with this blog post... I'm still utterly speechless.

As many of you other mummy's will know (or new mum's may not know yet), the anomaly (20 week scan) takes quite a while to perform - especially as our little bubba wouldn't get into position due to all the wriggling!

For this reason, the sonographer said "You definitely don't have a little poser!" It was so hard for the sonographer to get a good shot for us to take home with us (let alone measure everything she needed to). But the scan photos will always be perfect to us.

Look at this big strong beautiful arm!!
It was amazing to see the strong heartbeat, kidneys, blood vessels, placenta in the right place etc. And my god, the growth of the baby since the 12 week scan was incredible!

She asked the question

While waiting for bubba to move into a better position so she could measure the head (AGAIN), she asked the question we were anxiously waiting for (and didn't know the answer to): "Do you want to find out the baby's sex?" 

We both looked at each other, unsure of what to say. I asked Chris, "Do you want to find out?" (Like we hadn't had this conversation a million times before). Chris responded, "I don't know. I want you to decide. I'll be happy with whatever you decide to do babe." Like the annoying, but albeit very thoughtful guy he is. I decided to say yes. I just said it. And then was unsure. The sonographer asked me again because even she could hear the uncertainty in my voice. So I looked at Chris again, and we both smiled. I turned to the sonographer and said "YES! Let's find out."

Then came the tears. From us both.

"It's a boy!" 

We're having a boy! A boy. We're actually having a boy. A beautiful baby boy. How incredible is that? Everything just seemed so surreal in that second. I didn't know what to say or what to do (apart from obviously lay there and allow her to continue with the scan). I just kept looking at Chris, looking at our baby BOY on the screen, with tears filling my eyes. Oh and don't get me started on Chris. I think he was even more speechless than I was. And oh, the tears. Yeah, there were lots of tears from him too (love you babe!).

We were so excited to shout about it, we ran straight out of the hospital and rang our families together. Of course, it's England and it was raining. But it couldn't of been a more perfect moment. However, while on the phone to my mum and dad, we overheard my dad whisper, "please be a boy!" He's very lucky it is a boy.......

Only kidding! He was so sure that it was a boy, it really made us laugh! He's just so excited and has already planned which football club he is going to play for and what days they'll be playing together. It's so sweet, I love it!

AND we've all already been out shopping for baby boy outfits (of course!) Chris is eyeing up all the toys he's going to buy him when he's older. Me and my mum are eyeing up all the cute clothes we are going to buy now and for when he's older.

We did buy some really cute newborn outfits when we went shopping though, which I shall probably post on Instagram in the coming days. Our favourite being from The Little White Company. It's a dark blue velvet babygrow, covered in white stars. And we bought a matching hat and mitten set to go with it. We then bought some blue shoes (with stars on) in Mothercare. So he's going to be a blue starry baby! This is the outfit we want to bring him home from the hospital in. Along with our Little White Company swaddle blanket, which my brother and his girlfriend bought us. I can't wait to take lots of pictures of him in it!! 

My mum and dad also bought us some outfits from Mamas and Papas, which are just as soft and cute as his Little White Company number. They're definitely two of my favourite shops for baby clothes, because of how soft and high quality they are - albeit a bit pricey, but he definitely deserves a few pricey outfits! He's going to be a very lucky boy.

I'm glad we found out

I have to say, I am glad we found out. As I said in my last blog post, me and Chris had in our heads from day one that it was a girl. It's just how we felt. I'm not entirely sure why. But as soon as we saw him on the ultrasound this time around, I don't know, my mind changed. I felt differently. Like maybe it was actually a boy.

And it was so much fun to go shopping for baby boys clothes! There were just so many gorgeous outfits to choose from! Here's a little peak of some of the outfits we loved.

I'm just so glad now that we can say he (instead of it or she). Or. Noah.

Yes, Noah! 

The name is a funny story really. But we've had it ever since we met. Maybe not that extreme. But pretty soon into our relationship, we spoke about babies and how we'd love to have children one day. And this name just stuck for both of us. We both said it without knowing the other person had thought of it. So we knew, that if we ever had a baby boy, we'd call it Noah.

So that's finding out we're having a baby boy, telling our friends and family the news, going shopping for newborn boys clothes, buying toys and essentials (including the Tommee Tippeee Closer to Nature Essentials Kit - which is only £65 at Mothercare at the moment!), securing the name and allowing all of this to sink it. It's safe to safe it's been a pretty crazy week. But absolutely incredible!

The next milestone, is the first kick. I still haven't felt it yet. I think I've felt little flutters, but nothing major. Hopefully soon, me and Chris will both feel Noah give a big almighty kick. 

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